Sheraton Uptown, Albuquerque, NM, USA
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Sunday, April 23



C1 - Oral Session Focus - Financial Services: Banking, Lending/Borrowing, Alternatives RoxyDr Andy Schmulow • Jessica M. Parks C1A-Everything within Their Power: Anti-Payday Lending Ordinances in Three Communities RoxyNathalie Martin • Robert N. Mayer C1B-Impact of Financial Education Mandates on Younger Consumers’ Use of Alternative Financial Services RoxyMelody Harvey C1C-How Do Financial Incentives Affect Consumers’ Intention to Adopt NFC Mobile Payments? RoxySophia Anong • Lini Zhang • Haidong Zhao C1D-Who Borrows from Lending Club... and Why do They Borrow? RoxyLua Augustin C2 - Oral Session Focus - Saving Behavior RegalQun Zhang C2A-From Personality to Saving Behavior: Bridging the Gap (AARP's Public Policy Institute Financial Services and the Older Consumer Award 2017) RegalKristy Archuleta • Sarah Asebedo, Ph.D., CFP® • Martin Seay • Melissa J. Wilmarth C2B-Tools for Saving: Using Prepaid Accounts to Set Aside Funds RegalCheryl Cooper • Melissa Knoll C2C-Is Debt Good or Bad for a Comfortable Retirement? Exploring the Relationship between Consumer Debt and Retirement Preparedness RegalLaith Alattar • Jeremy Elder • David Rogofsky C2D-Are Millennials Saving for Retirement? RegalGuopeng Cheng • Rui Yao C3 - Oral Session Focus - Financial Services: Home Ownership, Insurance, Low Income WurlitzerStuart J. Heckman C3A-Nutrition Label Reading and Positive Financial Behavior WurlitzerKaren Ensle • Barbara O'Neill • Jing Jian Xiao C3C-Adverse Selection in Private Health Insurance WurlitzerLan Thi Phuong Nguyen C3D-Understanding Consumer Perceptions of Fairness in High Risk Areas WurlitzerRene Bautista • Angela Fontes • Can Geng • Melissa Newberry C41-Families, Food, and Fledglings: Works in Progress Using Consumer Expenditure Survey Data BaldwinLisa Boily • Cynthia Gillham • Donka Mirtcheva • Geoffrey Paulin • Arcenis Rojas • Taylor Wilson



D1 - Oral Session Focus - Financial Literacy: Caribbean, Military, Planning Behavior, Pipeline Impact WurlitzerDonna E. Danns • Minhong Xu D1A-Propensity to Plan, Financial Capability, and Financial Satisfaction WurlitzerBarbara O'Neill • Jing Jian Xiao D1B-Environmental Hazard and Consumers' Credit Access (Richard L. D. Morse Applied Consumer Economics Award - Professonal Paper) WurlitzerMinhong Xu • Yilan Xu D1C-Financial Behaviors of Military Households: The Role of Financial Literacy and Financial Education WurlitzerRobin Henager-Greene • Kyoung Tae (KT) Kim • Melissa J. Wilmarth D1D-Developing Financial Literacy in the Caribbean WurlitzerDonna E. Danns • George K. Danns D2 - Oral Session Focus - Financial Literacy, Svcs, Behavior: Debt, Risk, Bankruptcy, Low Income RegalRobin Henager-Greene • Abigail Fischer D2A-Exploring Financial Behaviors and Attitudes of Low Income Households in the United States RegalKyoung Tae (KT) Kim D2B-Exploring Consumers' Financial Fragility in Europe: Over-indebtedness, Rainy Days Funds, and the Role of Financial Literacy RegalGianni Nicolini D2C-Subjective Survival Expectation and Portfolio Choice: Evidence of Interplay between Probabilistic Reasoning and Cognitive Ability RegalTae-Young Pak • Su Hyun Shin D2D-Preventing Reckless and Predatory Lending, Particularly to the most Vulnerable in Society: An Innovative and Strongly Consumer Centric Approach from South Africa RegalDr Andy Schmulow D3- Oral Session Focus - Financial Literacy and Services RoxyJane Kolodinsky • Katherine (Kate) S. Mielitz D3A-Financial Gender Gaps RoxyStuart J. Heckman • Meghaan Lurtz D3B-Media Frames and their Influence for Sugary Drink Taxes RoxyBenjamin Crosby • Jane Kolodinsky D3C-The Effect of Health Insurance Coverage and Subjective Health Status on Individual Estimates of Life Expectancy RoxyStuart J. Heckman • Derek R Lawson D3D-The Impact of Student Loans on Health-related Obligations RoxySophia Anong • Sharon DeVaney D41-Innovative Data Collection in Social Science Research BaldwinDavid A. Evans • Carrie Johnson • D Elizabeth Kiss • Barbara O'Neill • Yilan Xu



E1 - Oral Session Focus - Student Loans and Stress WurlitzerJodi Letkiewicz E1A-Financial Anxiety of First Generation College Students WurlitzerSonya Britt • David Jayne • Derek Potter E1B-Financial Literacy, College lifestyle, and Student Loan Decision Making WurlitzerAmberly Ehret • Clinton G. Gudmunson E1C-Trends in Student Loan Attitudes and Higher Education Attainment WurlitzerStuart J. Heckman • Jodi Letkiewicz • Kenneth John White, Jr. E1D-inancial Burden, Perceived Capability, and Young Adults' Well-being: Evidence From a Multi-year Panel Study WurlitzerSwarn Chatterjee • Jinhee Kim E2 - Oral Session Focus - Financial Services: Charitable Giving, Risk RegalSu Hyun Shin E2A-Source of Information and Selection of Financial Instruments RegalKyoung Tae (KT) Kim • Martin Seay • Su Hyun Shin E2B-Consumer Attitudes Regarding End of Life Charitable Planning RegalRussell N. James, III • Jennifer Lehman E2C-Donor-Advised Funds: A Review for Consumers, Educators, and Planners RegalAnn Woodyard E3 - Oral Session Focus - Family Economics and Socialization RoxyMJ Kabaci E3A-Financial Correlates in Young Adults’ Choice to Marry, Cohabit or Live apart RoxyJennifer K. Rea • Joyce Serido E3B-The Great Recession and Heterogeneity Within the Hispanic Middle Class RoxyJessie X. Fan • Hua Zan E3C-The Influence of Childhood Experiences on the Financial Capability of Young Adults RoxyJ. Michael Collins • Madelaine Reid L'Esperance • Cliff A Robb E3D-Bankruptcy Determinants Among U.S. Households During the Peak of the Great Recession RoxyJonathan Bauchet • David A. Evans